Sunday, 16 October 2016

Adlabs Imagica Right Destination for Spend Holidays With Family - NH Holidays

Imagica - Badi Interesting Jagah hai..!!  A perfect weekender to spend with family, Imagica brings you a complete value for money family package. Family outings mostly get aligned with either what parents want to do on weekend or where children can go. Imagica has brought an amazing weekender plan for your family which gives you entertainment at one stop.

Imagica Theme Park
Imagica gives you a very amazing Imagica family packages, step into an experience where mommies can shop, children can play with cartoon and Bollywood characters formed live. And all you Daddies can relax. It’s a fascinating theme park, humongous and spacious to spend a day like in a new city. Its gives a total different worldly feeling for a day, from water plays to teen games. Gravity pulls and pirate talks are some of the highlighted and most famous amusements in Imagica. All you daddies who stay busy during the week, take your family out on a Imagica Theme Park deals and spend quality time with pure entertainment.

Imagica Family Packages

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