Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mega Dubai Shopping Festival: A shopping paradise for shoppers!!

Do you love to get discounts!! Then you should visit the mega Dubai shopping festival, an ultimate amalgamation of fun, adventure, offers, promotions, discounts and happiness. Here you can get crazy discounts on various items along with Gold. Here is how:

Dubai Shopping Festival
 Souks of Dubai

The soul of Dubai is its fabulous bazaars which are also popular by the name souks. You will love the small, old stores with full of aromatic incense, headscarves, spices, herbs and obviously, gold! Dubai can offer you gold at an incredible price. But international tourists have a limited carrying capacity. You have to be aware of that. Along with that food lovers can go for dry fruits, nuts, medicinal herbs, and saffron, imported from Iran, India and Pakistan. But you should remember one thing that you have to be fully prepared to haggles much as you can. This is the tradition here.

Fantasy Malls

The best part of Dubai is the exquisite fantasy malls, which is a miniature city in itself. The enormous, four – stored waterfall, thousands of stores, an extraordinary aquarium, and a gigantic ski – ring will definitely amaze you for a while and if you are a connoisseur, you are going to enjoy the countless outlets, exclusively build for your entertainment. A marvelous attraction is their own water ways. With these amazing indoor water ways you can easily hover around one store to another. Apart from that, the other destinations of fantasy, where you can buy fashion jewellery, clothes are Mall of the Emirates, The MercatoMall, Al Ain, Khalidiya etc. 

Mega Dubai Shopping Festival

The Mega Dubai Shopping Festival is always a great success with lots of entertainment, craziness and happiness. You can buy things at an unbelievable discount, especially gold. Along with that if you can bargain properly, you can get things like clothes, jewellery, foot ware and food items like nuts, saffron, medicinal herbs and lot more at an affordable prize. Along with that, gadgets and other electronic equipment are also available with an attractive discount. That is why each and every year thousands of tourists visit this place to avail this exceptional discount. So book tickets today and be a part of this marvelous festival.

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